Dating, Social Media Style

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We’re in a new age. In the last five years, technology has dramatically altered our lives. We live in a “immediate” society now due to social media. More specifically, Instagram. All of our most personal moments are now documented on facebook, twitter, instagram and good old text messages.

While the new technology is designed to make our worlds easier to live in, we can access more people, hook up with old friends on social media. We have lost our sense of personal intimacy and contact. Gone are the days when we talk on the phone, meet for special events or just to pop in. Daters, who already have “must have” lists are the ones who are prejudging based on social media. The tone of voice isn’t there. The personal touch is missing.

As daters, we’re already prone to prejudging people and now, the daters are just making decisions faster based on a text message. Dating is hard enough as it is. Putting technology into the equation is hindering dating even further.

Please. If you find someone interesting online, through friends, through your matchmaker, or however you meet new people, it is even more important now to take the extra time to meet and not judge your first date through social media.

Don’t get me wrong. Social media is fun. My only gripe is that it’s not personal and further, an avoidance technique. If you’re out there looking, please don’t use social media to get acquainted. Go meet, make extra special plans to meet more people in person instead of meeting through skype.

To sum it up in a nutshell, the only way to honestly attract members of the opposite sex is to meet on the phone and in person. Save the social media for your friends and family. That’s the best dating advice I think I’ve ever given.